XAwards by Hotjar

Criteria for Adjudication.

Overall ranking and choice of finalists

The XAwards adjudication panel identifies and ranks the best 10 digital experiences amongst all projects submitted by evaluating each project on the following 4 criteria:

  1. Impact. Projects are rated based on the impact they have on the everyday lives of their typical user or customer. This includes the size of the audience as well as the speed or convenience with which a task or objective is reached.
  2. Value Innovation. Ratings are based on how much value is delivered to the target audience and at what cost to the end user / customer and the running of the project.
  3. Wow Factor. Judges look at how fun and memorable the experience is and whether it generates 'wow' moments for its users.
  4. Execution. Ratings are based on how consistent and learnable the experience is. Judges will also evaluate the quality and stability of the experience and the technology used to build the experience.

The Awards

The top ranked project based on the 4 criteria above received the 'Best Overall experience' award and a €20,000 cash prize.

Furthermore, the adjudication panel assigned 2 other awards:

Best tech achievement and €5,000 cash prize.
For this award judges considered the size of the technical challenge faced by the team as well as the technology stack used and/or any innovative or proprietary approach used to solve the challenge.

Best Mobile app experience and €5,000 cash prize.
For this award judges looked at the best ranked mobile app experience in the 10 finalists ranking. They also considered how relevant, unique and innovative the experience is to the mobile app platform. For this reason the adjudication panel may not necessarily assign this award to the highest ranked overall mobile app experience.