XAwards by Hotjar

Terms & Conditions.

  1. General

    1. This competition is being hosted by Hotjar Limited (C-65490) of Level 2, St. Julian's Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St. Julian's, STJ 1000, Malta.
    2. The deadline for the booking of the participation spot is 24 March 2017. The deadline for the submission of demo video is by the 31 March 2017.
    3. All entrants (each and Entrant and collectively the Entrants) will be subject to, and will need to adhere to, the terms and conditions as set out by Hotjar and any future terms and conditions or alterations to these terms and conditions.
  2. Categories

    The XAwards adjudication panel will be identifying and ranking the best 10 digital experiences amongst all projects submitted by evaluating each project on the following 4 criteria:

    1. Impact. Projects will be rated based on the impact they have on the everyday lives of their typical user or customer. This includes the size of the audience as well as the speed or convenience with which a task or objective is reached.
    2. Value Innovation. Ratings will be based on how much value is delivered to the target audience and at what cost to the end user / customer and the running of the project.
    3. Wow Factor. Judges will look at how fun and memorable the experience is and whether it generates ‘wow' moments for its users.
    4. Execution. Ratings will be based on how consistent and learnable the experience is. Judges will also evaluate the quality and stability of the experience and the technology used to build the experience.
  3. Awards

    The competition Awards consist of the following:

    Best Overall Experience: €20,000 cash prize.

    Best Tech Achievement: €5,000 cash prize.

    Best Mobile App Experience: €5,000 cash prize.

    Five finalists will receive a 100% fully funded trip (flight and accommodation) to Malta to the final 2 day live event in May 2017;

    Ten finalists will receive a free 2 year Hotjar Business account and will be listed on the 2017 XAwards finalists page.

  4. Eligibility

    1. The participating team are expected to comprise no less than two (2) members and must have no more than five (5) members. The team can include both founders and / or employed individuals. This does not include contractors unless they are engaged on a full time basis with the entity.

      Provided in cases when the team has not yet incorporated, then team size refers to the people that own the IP of what is built or are receiving remuneration for ongoing work being done on the project.
    2. Monthly revenue does not exceed €5,000 (if revenue varies by month then the adjudication panel will look at the average for the last 6 months).
    3. Capital raised does not exceed €50,000.
    4. The project must be a digital experience. Examples include but are not limited to a web app, a native app (on any Operating System), a commerce driven site and/or any other content site, community or platform.
    5. Hotjar employees, board members, contractors and members of the Adjudication panel are not eligible to participate in the Awards.
    6. Types of projects that are not eligible – political, religious, pornography, illegal (in Malta or country where the team is based), projects of offensive or of a harassing nature.
    7. Entries which do not comply with these terms and conditions are invalid.
  5. Valid Entries

    1. By submitting a project for the participation in the Awards, the entrant confirms that it accepts these terms and conditions and it has the agreement of all parties associated with the project that the submission be made.
    2. The entrant must have all the necessary rights required by law to submit the entry and shall be responsible that the all information submitted is true, current and complete, up to the date of submission.
    3. Any entries which are incomplete, incorrect, incomprehensible, or not received by Hotjar by the deadline will be void.
    4. In the event of any fault, mistake, misunderstanding or dispute concerning the correctness or acceptability of any answers/submissions given by entrants, or the operation of any part of the competition the decision of Hotjar shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    5. Hotjar will not be liable to reimburse expenses incurred in making an entry.
    6. Hotjar reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any entrant who the is believed has breached any of these terms and conditions, or engaged in unlawful or other improper misconduct calculated to jeopardize the fair and proper conduct of this competition. Hotjar's legal rights to recover damages or other compensation from such a person are reserved.
  6. Standard Terms

    1. In the event that any entrant does not, or is unable to comply with these Terms and Conditions, Hotjar shall be entitled at its sole discretion to disqualify such entrant, without any further liability to such entrant. Entrants must comply with any directions given to them by Hotjar including in relation to any and all relevant laws, rules and regulations.
    2. These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of Malta and the entrant submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malta.
    3. Hotjar reserves the right to withdraw or amend any competition as necessary due to circumstances outside its reasonable control.
  7. Liability

    1. Hotjar excludes liability for any fault, malfunction, damage, loss or disappointment suffered by any entrant howsoever arising from participating in the competition whether due to any error, omission or other cause by Hotjar, its employees, agents or others to the fullest extent permitted by law. In particular, Hotjar is not responsible for any damage or loss caused to an entrant where such damage or loss is not reasonably foreseeable including where the damage or loss results from Hotjar's breach of these terms and conditions.
    2. Hotjar cannot promise that the various processes involved in providing the competition will be free from errors or omissions nor that they will be available uninterrupted and in a fully operating condition at all times. These services may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons reasonably beyond the control of Hotjar. Hotjar will not be liable to any person in the event that all or any part of these services are discontinued, modified or changed in any way.
  8. Representation and warranties

    Hotjar represents and warrants on its behalf and on behalf of its employees, that:

    1. All information provided by the entrant in the submission will be treated with the strictest confidence. No information will be disclosed to third parties, other those involved in the running of the Awards.
    2. Hotjar will not be kept liable for any damages resulting from the disclosure of information which is readily available in the public domain or becomes available in the public domain after the submission for the participation in the Award.
    3. It may use the entrant's name and logo for purposes connected with promoting the Awards.
    4. The name of the entrant and the logo will be used in the exact form provided by the entrant.
    5. Hotjar agrees to notify the entrant if at any time during the course of these Terms and Conditions any of the representations or warranties made by Hotjar within these Terms and Conditions change.
    6. Hotjar reserves the right to list the finalist winners – including team and member's name on its website.
    7. Hotjar reserves rights to use video, photos, audio of the final event and pitches for the purposes of promoting the XAwards, including publishing said materials on the XAwards site.
    8. Hotjar and XAwards logo can only be used with prior written consent from Hotjar.
  9. Adjudication

    1. An Adjudication Panel will be appointed by Hotjar. It will be appointed and coordinated by Hotjar at its absolute discretion. Hotjar reserves the right to alter the composition of the said panel at any time.
    2. Members of the Adjudication Panel will sign a confidentiality agreement declaring no conflict of interest. If a member has a conflict of interest in one or more submissions under any Category, he/she is to declare such interest and abstain from deliberations concerning all entries under the category in question.
    3. Final Awards will be made based on the submission received by the deadline based on the adjudication criteria.
    4. If so advised by the Adjudication Panel members, Hotjar reserves the right to make no Award in any or all categories if, in their opinion, the nominations are of insufficient merit.
    5. Adjudication will commence after the closing date for the submission for the participation in the Awards.
    6. Adjudication Panel reserves the right for the final say whether a deadline for the submission was exceeded or not.
    7. Adjudication Panel reserves the right to accept or otherwise late submissions.
    8. The decisions of the Adjudication Panel members with regard to all the submissions within all the categories and also with regard to the respective winners are final.
  10. Winners

    1. The adjudication panel will shortlist a number of participants from each Category. Final winners from each Category will be announced at the live event in Malta on the 11-12 of May 2017.
    2. Multiple Awards can be won by the same project or team.
    3. Final winners are expected to prepare and present a short live pitch at the event where they might be asked questions by the Adjudication Panel.
    4. Attendance to the final event is compulsory and it is Hotjar's discretion to disqualify a team if they cannot attend the final event in Malta.
    5. For the collection of the Award, a winning team shall provide Hotjar with bank account details within 14 days. Such details must match the product / team name or the name of one of the team members. In the latter case Hotjar shall be provided with a letter signed from all team members. The team is exclusively responsible for any transfer charges. Hotjar shall send funds in Euros via bank transfer.
    6. Hotjar shall not be responsible for any possible team disputes when it comes to use and /or distribution of the Award.
    7. All costs, associated with collecting an Award are the exclusive responsibility of the Winner and will not, under any circumstances, be compensated by Hotjar.
    8. If Hotjar has not had return communication from any initial intended Winner within four (4) weeks, then that person shall be deemed no longer eligible for the Award. Hotjar may choose an alternative entrant to be entitled to the relevant Award (the Replacement Winner). A Replacement Winner is then the Winner of the relevant Award for the purposes of these terms and conditions.